August 5, 2014

Our Services

Special Delivery

Our dedicated company will provide a special pick up and drop at a special low price for special kind of service within the city. “Special delivery,special price” Special priority is given to this category.

Documents and Parcels

City movements of documents and parcels should not be a problem to you now . For convenience and efficiency Ndengaro Couriers will handle this for you and provide an executive solution to your corporate needs.


For office reallocation within the city our company can help you to settle|move in to you new place|location at a low price with a team of our specialized staffs.

Dedicated Messanger

Ndengaro Couriers will provide a dedicated messenger(s) for the companies in need of daily |on time delivery service within the city. This is means a particular staff dedicated to a particular company.

Pick and Drop

This is the random service ,any of our customer can call our direct hot line number and give us the directions of the pick up and drop without prior arrangements.